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Richmond DJs are a network of professional Mobile DJ Entertainers that serve the entire Richmond area. Over the years our DJs have played at just about every possible type of function imaginable. Therefore gaining experience in knowing what makes people get off their seats and onto the dance floor, coupled with the correct attitude, attire and courtesy to the client, making our DJs completely professionals. The process of booking a mobile DJ can be a difficult one as there are so many factors involved with making the right choice for your function. The main things to consider are experience and reliability. There are lots of things you need to find about when booking a mobile DJ for your function. Here are a few things we can tell you about us:

Experience - We have over 20 years in supplying DJs. All of our DJs are experienced in running many different events, be it a wedding reception, dinner/dance or birthday party and understand how to make yours run smoothly.

Ability to read dance floors and change music accordingly. There's nothing worse than a DJ playing music for half an hour that no one is dancing to.

Equipment - Appropriate for your venue. There's absolutely no point in having enough equipment to fill a stadium if you are arranging an intimate dinner/dance for 50-100 guests. This would look out of place and be very intimidating for guests. On the other hand if you do have a bigger function, we would come with enough sound and lighting equipment to fill the venue with distortion free sound and effective lighting.

Music - We can play almost any style of music you wish, but we do know generally what gets people on the dance floor and moving. When you book one of our DJs we will always ask for any styles that are required and most of the time customers will leave it up to the DJ to play a selection appropriate for the guests at the function. This is where the ability to read a dance floor comes into play. All DJs come prepared with a selection of music second to none, starting with music from the 1940s and carrying on right through 50s, rock 'n' roll, Motown and 60s, 70s glam, disco and soul, through to the 80s, and then up to date with top dance floor fillers, R&B, and all those top cheesy pop tunes if you want those. We do not supply the kind of DJ who wont play a song because it will ruin his street credibility or is not 'cool' enough. If we think it is appropriate and people will enjoy it or dance to it, then we will play it. Your DJ will also play requests as long as he thinks they will fit in with the style of the party.

Attitude - We have listened to the opinions of lots of clients over the years who have been to different functions and one thing that stuck in our minds was the attitude of some DJs. Some who don't understand or want to understand the clients needs in regards to music. Perhaps playing the wrong kind of music at the wrong volume or even being rude to guests at the party or function. This is usually what occurs when you get an inexperienced DJ. There is no need for this. Any reasonable request can be adhered to.

In summary your dj will be:
Dressed appropriately
Willing to play requests
Able to read the dance floor
Able to play music from 1940s to the current charts
Playing music at the right volume for you and your guests
Able to use a microphone in the correct manner

In addition to DJ Services we can provide: Special Effect Lighting, Event Coordination, Event Promotion & Website Ranking and Design.

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